Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Fynn Jamal

A new name that has been in my instagram.

She is big apparently OK. I just discovered her recently. Bak kata hari hari lah nak tengok instagram dia ni. Oh and shes a writer. One of my favourite is :


dan semua akan aman.


This is from her book, Puisi Tepi Jalan. Apparently it has reach its 4th print. How cool is that haaa! I should really get one of these babies. Personally I like the way she writes coz its short. Straight to the point. And the best part is, you know its from the heart. It's like she just writes whatever that come to her. No filter. Hehe. Maybe that is why some people find her a bit offensive. But then again, I've already come to a conclusion that some people just have nothing better to do. True enough, if you don't like someone, just unfriend her. You don't like her photos, just unfollow. No room for hatred kan. Semua sayang menyayangi.

Actually dulu I pun nak jadi writer. I always have this passion for writing. But of course when its in the head it sounds much nicer than when it's on paper. Having a blog have always been my dream. But i never got around to do it due to other commitments bla bla. Buta IT aku ini sebenarnya. Alhamdullilah, now I have one.

As for poetry, boleh la sikit sikit. Setakat menang best poem in UIA masa student dulu. Hehe. But sadly, i submitted the poem and didnt keep a copy for myself. Haih. And after school i actually applied to study English Literature. Ntah macamana end up in health science.

I havent thought of poetry for so so long. So lets just try to make one for Hussein.

A loan. A reminder

I am thankful for my bundle of joy
An easy one to entertain with his toy
The exact duplicate of daddy
And mamas size 9 feet
I wish you well i wish you shine
Now off you go
Go on & get to know world

Ok that doesnt sound quite right.

Suraya SK

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

What choice do we have?

A question that has kept me going.

There was this one time, when I had to drive alone to Mutiara Damansara. Siapa yang kenal Suraya memang tahu yang my navigation skill sangat sangat sangat la teruk. And I ended up lost ntah ke mana. But the funny thing is...I kept going the opposite direction, HOPING that it will become the correct direction. Terus je ke depan, padahal the correct way was for me to just stop and make a U-turn. That's when I realize, in life we tend to take the same approach. We know..we are in the wrong direction..but we keep going, HOPING that it will one day miraculously bring you to your destination. If you all fikir macam ni...hentikanla angan-angan tu. Just STOP. ANALYZE. Turn.

Ramai orang tanya, kenapa I beriya buat business ni?  Tak sayang ke masa yang tak dapat spend dengan family sekarang ni? Tak kesian ke anak you tak banyak masa dengan you? You tak penat ke buat semua ni? and of course yang paling favourite is...Tak cukup ke gaji yang dapat sekarang ni?

To be honest, at first I too was questioning myself, why am I doing all these. Balik kerja, penat..baik tengok TV je..lepak dengan family. Weekend boleh main-main dengan anak I, keluar shopping dengan husband I. Gaji memang cukup. Lebih dari cukup sebenarnya.

Tapi pernah tak kita realize, kita kerja teruk macamana pun, gaji kita still banyak tu. Mungkin la dapat overtime yang tak seberapa. I'm not being greedy. I'm talking about having a sense of self-value. You spend nearly 10  hours everyday away from your home just so that you earn a piece of cheque..yang by the end of the month will be gone.

And so we sit, and think...where did this go wrong. Betul ke hidup ni patut macam ni? Patut ke kita kerja and gaji tu memang patut habis every month? How about savings then? People say, diversify la..put in ASB, put in Mutual fund. Memang boleh save...berjanggut la nak tunggu..hehe

Semua orang sedia maklum. Kerja makan gaji takkan kaya. TIDAK AKAN. That's a fact. Bukan cerita penglipurlara. And when we say is your own definition of what rich is. Being rich for me is not about owning 20 Chanel bags (although that doesn't hurt ;) ). Kaya to me is just to have enough for my family, my son, my mom, my dad & hubbs to live comfortably without being robbed of our time together. And I feel that that is achieveable.

Tapi eventhough i say all these, I still kerja makan gaji. Sebab kita TAKUT. Kalau tak makan gaji, takut nanti makan pasir. hehe. Bukan perlu terus membabi buta berhenti kerja. Kena ada plan, kena ada system, kena ada strategy. Yang penting, tengok apa mentor you buat. Jika dia berjaya...InsyAllah you pun akan berjaya..

And it all goes back to the question..

What choice do we have?



Knowledge, Mentor, System & Action

Keys to a successful business

To have knowledge is like having your own power to do something. Pernah tak buat presentation about something that you are not sure of, compared to something yang you memang tahu inside out. That is the power of knowledge. Kalau tahu, memang confident kita cakap. All questions bak datang la orang kata. Answers at fingertips sahaja. In this business, knowledge is readily provided and shared by great people who have exprienced in first hand. Bukan setakat baca buku saja. Praktikal, demo, one to one session, semua ada.

This is like what Dr Azizan cakap. Having a mentor is actually really important for you to get your ass up and do something different in your life. As for Suraya, a mentor is my inspiration la orang kata. Because I've never had any experience in doing business. Adala dulu dulu jual nasi lemak dekat UIA..hehe. So memang padanlah, my mentor is Lynn Shukor, who runs her own family business and memang hebat pasal business. Tambah lagi pulak kak Salha yang memang sangat sangat helpful and if you duduk dekat dia, you will get her positive vibe. Aura yang baik gitu.

Inilah tools untuk business. Banyak betul yang available nowadays kan! Business at your fingertip. Omnipreneur. Anywhere, Anytime. There are sooo many platforms that you can buikd your business on. And on top of all that, mentor still akan guide you. Kak Salha selalu cakap, semua dah guide, dah suluh. Kita tinggal ikut je.

Great Leaders gives great input - Alfaath with Omnipreneur presentation

Last but not least,

Ni actually key element to all that is listed above. Takda orang yang boleh berubah melainkan diri dia mahu berubah. So with all the help that has been showered on to us, it depends, apa yang kita buat. Pendek kata, kalau tak buat apa-apa, maka tak jadilah apa-apa.

So there, 4 steps to be successful in business. Got all that checked? Not yet? Why don't you check our group out. #TopLeadersCircle. We aim big. We dream big. We do BIG. And what's more important is, we have a big heart. Call me ;)


Suraya SK


Saturday, March 2, 2013

Premium Beautiful & Bella Awards

Both are for women.

In conjuction with International Women's day, we present to you Bella Awards - to celebrate, recognize and honour successful woman for their great achievement and inspirational contribution to the society.
With celebrities like Ronan Keating, Rossa, Maliq & D'essentials, Marcell, Joe Flizzow, gary Chaw & Mizz Nina to rock the stage, I am pretty sure it was a blastful event.

Actually Bella Awards ni, diilhamkan from rancangan Bella @ ntv7. Aired every Monday to Thursday at 11 am. It relates to all successfull women all background and history. So memang sesuai la when our famous CDM leader Hanis Haizi was featured in one of their slots.

Hanis Haizi on Bella @ ntv7 with Elaine Daly

I am proud to say that Hai-O marketing is the main sponsor for this award. And because of this, Premium Beautiful Corset and Luminez Skincare has received numerous coverage and we have received many many enquiries from the women out there.

"Popular dengan rangkaian produk kesihatan dan kecantikanHai-O berharap dapat mewakili sebuah transformasi dangan menggalakkan wanita secara keseluruhannya untuk menjalani kehidupan yang sihat dan tampil menawan. Menerusi produk utama yang terkenal seperti Premium Beautiful iaitu produk pembetukan badan dan rangkaian produk penjagaan kecantikan Luminez untuk memastikan wanita kelihatan menarik, ceria dan menjalani hidup yang lebih baik" kata Encik Tan Kai Hee, Pengarah Urusan Hai-O Marketing. 

And the winner for 'Bella on stage' award is none other than...DATO' SITI NURHALIZA! I heart you dato'!

Bella on stage

For more photos for Bella Awards 2013, please click here :

Have fun !


Suraya SK

Monday, February 25, 2013

Silent Killer...the remedy

Biozone Food Purifier.

Yes. Purify your food. Please. You wouldn't know what is lurking under that fried chicken you are eating. Let's face it. Not many of us go through all the trouble to eat organic food or 'ayam kampung'. Kudos to all who does. But for those who doesn't, don't fret. This is why we need a Biozone Food Purifier. It purifies our food and get rids of the chemical, indigestible fatty acids, toxins and any form of contamination.

I'll let the pictures tell the story...

 Fish being purified. Notice the bubbles are starting to form. *Caution : This is not air bubbles. This is strings of fatty acids that have been extracted from the fish.

A closer look at the fish and bubbles

After 30 minutes, more bubbles are formed

Side view of the fish and bubbles.

Then, we scoop the bubbles out

Burn it. But it doesn't melt!

And it turned into this hard, foul smelling plasticky stuff.

And that, is what we consume everyday. Imagine all these being stuck at your intestine and there is no way it can be excreted out. And yet, we wonder why are there so many disease nowadays.

All photos are credited to our famous blogger, Fillanie at

Yes, kak Fillanie pun pakai Biozone okay!

Our top food blogger pun have reviewed Biozone. Check it out at

Also check out this video ya! Live demonstration of BioZone :

There are other uses of it too :
- sterilizing baby bottles
- having your own ozone bath
- freshens up the air at closed spaces

And those who already have diseases such as kidney problems, liver problems please please please purify your food by any means. For cancer patients also. Let's try to reduce any form of damage to your body.

I personally think Biozone Food Purifier is a must have for all houses. Health is not something that you would want to compromise kan? When I see patient who is in their 20's, 30's with terminal illness, it breaks my heart. Turun naik hospital....And knowing most of the disease comes from food, it's best that we try to prevent it ya.

Still doubtful? Just buzz me for demo & any enquiries. I would be glad  to help!


Suraya SK

010 2256224

Saturday, February 23, 2013

SoHonista. What is it all about?

I received many enquiries regarding my previous entry. Many are asking what has Top Leaders Circle (TLC) got to do with SoHonista.

Top Leaders Circle IS SoHonista Icon.

Kak Salha, as the TLC leader also gave an inspirational talk on HOW she became and successful sohonista. And how it is achieveable by people out there who wants to become one.

Why is she chosen as an icon? 
Simply because she has proven that with SoHo business, one can be successful.

What business is she in?
She pioneers the network franchising business. What made her successful? Online marketing (and willpower of course).

And what is TLC again?
We are a team of aspiring omnipreneurs running virtual business from anywhere and at anytime! From diverse backgrounds, we come together and thrive in this business to pursue our dreams and goals. We live and breathe by our values of humility, progressiveness and professionalism. We are fortunate to be in the circle of some of the finest online entrepreneurs. Our team benefits especially from our pool of experienced mentors who shares wholeheartedly their vast experience of more than 10 years in the industry.We shall continue to enlarge our circle, to bring about new and positive change for us to build our society into a progressive and dynamic nation.

So, where is Suraya in this picture?
I, my friend, am a proud member of the TLC group. And I am so thankful that I chose to venture in this business. That I chose this group to be in, for they have wonderful leaders who are willing to guide and shape  you, to achieve what they have achieved.

Let's see more of what happened...:)

Dato' Shahrizat, sharing her thoughts on future plans for sohonista

Inspirational leaders in TLC :
 Jasmin Halim & Lynn Shukor and daughters, with Dato' Seri Shahrizat and her oh so model like daughter.

With the great photographer AnnasEaskey.
Have not seen his work? Go have a look at http:/

Top Leaders Circle. Go Omnipreneurs!
There has been numerous media coverage on to date. But my favourite would be the one from the New Straits Times. With the title of "Way for women to earn big bucks with flexi hours" is definitely eye-catching. And of course with moi face in front of the clipping, makes it all better..hehe....Do check it out at

There you go, my shared version of Sohonista. We all are doing something more in our lives, in order to achieve something more. What we want to achieve may differ, but I do believe we are looking for that one thing is our lives..that is FREEDOM. Freedom of time, freedom of financial, freedom of debts.

I know I am looking for it. I am sure you are too...
So please, don't be shy, because this is an opportunity knocking at your door. I opened mine. Maybe you would want to take a peek too.

Fully Operational 2013 - In Sha Allah, Semoga dipermudahkan



010 2256224

Sunday, February 17, 2013

Sohonista..The Day After

We had a blast!

For those who went, thank you so much. For those who didn't please do come to the next event. I'm pretty sure there will be more and more to come. Check us out.

In Utusan Mingguan - Glamour sekejap you!

And another one!
For those who are asking, what is SoHonista? It is actually a national platform to help us to do business online,SoHo style (Small Office Home Office), where we can do business anywhere, anytime. I was so touched when Dato' Sri Shahrizat recognized the problem we face nowadays, especially young mothers, regarding child care. I truly felt thankful that there are powerful people who are concern about the fact that full time working women are spending more time at work rather than with their children.

Read more here.

And this is where we, the Top Leaders Circle comes in. 

Top Leaders Circle is a group of people who does online business. Armed with smartphones and tablet PCs, our business runs 24/7. Isn't that great! And to top it off, our TLC mentor, Salha Zain is chosen to become the SoHonista ICON! Seriously, it can't get any better than that rite. You got to learn from the best to be the best!

Honestly, Suraya sendiri memang tak pernah terfikir nak set up bisnes sendiri, nak kerja sendiri. Memang in my mind, I study hard, get good grades and get a good job. That's it. But bila dah kahwin, dah ada anak, parents pun dah berumur..I start to doubt my decision. WHY am I spending so much time outside of home, when I am needed at home. My family needs me at home. My SON needs me at home.

My little munchkin
For you guys out there who is still searching, looking, wondering how you can stay at home and earn GREAT income, do ask. Because like they say 'If there is will, there is a way'. 

Like what kak Salha cakap in her speech during the SoHonista event. You need to have FOUR things to be successfull. 

1 - A Dream : Knowing what you want.
2 - A Mentor : Follow the steps of people who has done it.
3 - A System : A track that keeps us on our feet.
4 - And Action : You have to walk the walk and talk the talk.

Ask me about it.

Do you feel the same way like I do?





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